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New 3 day goal
  straate, Aug 03 2006

I'm leaving for lollapalooza the 5th. I want to make 10k in the 3 days before I leave. Day 1 I made 2.75k. Not the best start, I have 7.25k to go in 2 days.

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day 2
  straate, Aug 04 2006


i have 4k left. i was planning on playing more but ended up hanging out with some friends. anyways, i have an entire day to play now and i AM going to hit 10k.

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day 3
  straate, Aug 04 2006

5pm here....just hit over the 10k mark here's my stats for this 3 day 10k goal....

21,562 hands
6.64 ptbb/100 or 13bb/100

20.65 vpip
17% pfr
3.77 af

All in all I'm pretty happy with these 3 days, and will definately be doing a similar goal after I get back from lollapalooza.

I get back from palooza the 7th...and i leave for a cruise to alaska on the afternoon of the 12th.

I'm thinking about doing a 4 day 10k$ this time around, but I'll have to think about it while I'm gone.

See you the 7th :D

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